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November 15-16, 2017 New! Hyatt Regency Toronto
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President’s Message Update

Dear RMA/ACGC members,

It has been some time since I have posted an update on RMA/AGAC and what we are doggedly engaged in on your behalf. Our Communications Committee, has been diligent in posting our correspondence with the various Provincial government bodies we have been in contact with in regards our industry’s issues on our Website. We will continue to improve our communications efforts with you our members throughout our Fiscal Year.

We will be undertaking an active solicitation for your continued membership, and as efforts by our Membership Committee attest we are making considerable progress in gaining membership.

On behalf of the Board of Director’s of RMA/ACGC, we are soliciting your attendance and support for our 2017 Annual Conference being held at the Hyatt Hotel at 370 King St., Toronto. The event takes place on November 15 & 16, 2017.

I strongly encourage each member’s participation and any promotional efforts to spread the word to potential attendees for greater participation at this the Premier Credit Conference of the year.

Further, on behalf of the Board of Director’s, I am including the following Announcement.

This announcement marks a significant step in building a stronger Association on many levels, it covers the acceptance by George Preece CCP(Emeritus) of the Inaugural Managing Director’s position of RMA/ACGC. I direct you to the Announcement.


Stephen J. Sheather,

President, Receivables Management Association of Canada


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the RMA/ACGC Association of Canada, I am announcing that effective September 1, 2017 George Preece CCP(Emeritus) has accepted the Inaugural position of the Managing Director of RMA/ACGC Canada.

George has been a previous President of RMA/ACGC, as well as a founding member, George has a tremendous amount of experience in Associations as he previously held the titles of President and Dean of the Credit Institute of Canada.

George has over 50 years in the Credit Industry and we are very thankful that George is accepting this position.

George’s experience began in the chartered banking system with BMO and BNS in Consumer and Commercial lending. The next phase was in the equipment financing industry with International Harvester Corporation and GE Capital Equipment Financing division in credit and asset management. His most recent position was with Canadian Tire where he was in the credit card recoveries/debt sales plus providing credit/risk management for two divisions of CTC.

He is our first Managing Director and brings tremendous value to the Association in terms of experience, counsel, and knowledge of Associations.

Please join me in welcoming George Preece CCP(Emeritus)

George can be reached by e-mail at receivablesmanagementcanada@gmail.com

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